E-Commerce Trends in 2015

ECommerce Trends in 2015 - NuggetWeb.com

We’ve already established that Ecommerce is the selling of products or services from an internet web site instead of a brick and mortar store.  So how big of a deal is Ecommerce anyway?  Huge.

ECommerce Trends in 2015 - NuggetWeb.comEcommerce isn’t just growing, it’s expanding by leaps and bounds every year.  Studies have shown that as more and more people are becoming comfortable with technology, they are making shifts in the way they make their purchases, from going out to a local brick and mortar store to shopping online.

In addition, younger generations of people are more comfortable with that technology than their parents were at the same age.  Think about your children and your parents and how each interacts with Technology.  Your parents are likely to shy away from technology, while your kids can’t wait to get their hands on the next big thing.

Roughly translated, the future of business is online.  Just having a web presence through Facebook isn’t good enough anymore and you need to be able to extend your business beyond its traditional borders and make it available to consumers who are not only familiar with shopping online, but comfortable with it.

Just in 2013 Amazon.com, the largest online retailer generated an overall revenue of $75 Billion (with a “B”).  In 2014, that number was expected to jump to over $100 Billion.  This is vastly important to your business in that it shows how much online revenue has increased in just a single year.  If you haven’t started thinking about getting your business online, now’s the time to start!

Taking your sales online not only makes you accessible to your customers, it keeps you competitive locally and globally, helping you define the future of your business.  Come see what NuggetWeb has to offer you for Ecommmerce.

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