Before you begin

You will need the following information to set you your email account:

You can log into webmail from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can also change your password, set auto-responders (vacation notices) and manage your spam filters upon logging into your account.


Step 1

Step 1A

  • If you have used Outlook on this computer before, click the “File” menu, then the “Add account” button, as shown in the image on the left. It will open to the window on the right, where you can enter your email address.
  • If this is the first time you are launching Outlook, the first screen will look like the image on the right. Enter your email address.
step 1 - add account
If you have used Outlook on this device previously, use the "File" menu to add a new account.

Step 1B

  1. Choose “Advanced options”
  2. Check “Let me set up my account manuall”
  3. Click “Connect”

Step 2

In the Advanced setup screen, choose IMAP

step 2 - choose IMAP
In the Advanced setup screen, choose IMAP

Step 3

Enter the server information as shown

Incoming Email Server Settings
Outgoing Email Server Settings

Step 4

Enter your email password

step 4 - IMAP Password
Enter the password for your email account

Step 5

Your account setup is complete

Click the “Done” button