Why Every Offline Retailer Needs an Online Website


In the old days (and I mean really old days), people would find businesses in the phone book, or ask friends, relatives or neighbors.

That worked well for small retail stores back then, but you rarely see anyone use a phone book anymore – and for good reason. It’s outdated, it’s never where you need it and many small businesses aren’t even listed because cell phones have become less expensive than land lines.

small-business-online-nuggetweb-300x200Today people talk to their phones or use a search engine, like Google, to find businesses. They shop in their pajamas on Sunday afternoons, and spend money in your competitors online stores while your offline business is likely closed.

By only being visible when customers walk down the street or drive by, offline businesses become invisible the rest of the time.

When online merchandising first started to become popular, it was often far too expensive for small businesses to get involved. The cost and complexity of getting a domain name, hiring a web developer, purchasing and installing an SSL certificate, and everything else involved was overwhelming.

Your online store also helps you build your brand awareness and reputation. By having your products and information online 24/7, your customers know if they have a question they can get an answer, even when your offline store is closed.

Small businesses can now put their entire inventory online for less money each month than it likely costs to commute to work for a day. If you only consider the fact that your business will be easier for your tech-friendly customers to find, it actually becomes cost-prohibitive not to have your business online. Once you start making money, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

By not having an e-commerce website, offline businesses are limiting their potential sales to their surrounding community. When you put your business online, your potential business market becomes the world.

If your retail business doesn’t have an online presence, then you are losing out on countless potential sales. You can start your online business today with a NuggetWeb Merchant Shop – a complete and simple solution for small and home-based businesses to sell online.

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