What is the difference between a Merchant Shop, Plus and Pro

All of our Merchant Shops are e-commerce capable and complete WordPress websites that include the customizable Wootique theme and SSL certificate for secure transactions. NuggetWeb manages updates and plugins for you so you never have to worry about applying security patches, or plugin conflicts that can crash your website.

Our basic Merchant Shop does not include a domain name or email. Your website address will be http://name-you-choose.nuggetweb.com.

The Merchant Shop Plus includes everything from the standard Merchant Shop, as well as domain name hosting (example: http://www.yourbusiness.com). You may purchase your own domain name or we can purchase it for you for $15 per year.

The Merchant Shop Pro also includes everything from the Merchant Shop Plus, as well as unlimited e-mail at your domain name (example: you@yourbusiness.com). Simpy tell us the addresses at your domain you would like to use and we will be happy to configure them for you.

Plugins can also be purchased to provide added functionality to any Merchant Shop.

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