Are Merchant Shops Secure?

At NuggetWeb we use sophisticated software that constantly scans our entire network in real-time, looking for potential threats and vulnerabilities. No matter if it’s a human trying to hack in or an automated attack, our software protects your Merchant Shop from harm.

Customer data is protected by a “wildcard” 256-bit encryption secure certificate to keep your customers’ information safe, so you there’s no need to purchase an expensive SSL certificate of your own to sell your products on NuggetWeb.

If you use your PayPal Personal account to accept payments, your customers are temporarily taken to PayPal’s secure website to enter their payment information. Once they finish their purchase, they are returned to your Merchant Shop.

If you would like something a bit more sophisticated, SSL is included with your Merchant Shop! You can accept your customers payment on your own Merchant Shop using one of our available payment gateways, and we will provide the secure certificate to keep your customers’ data safe. Don’t worry… we’ll take care of the technical details! We even include the Stripe Payment Gateway at no additional fee, so it’s easy for you to accept credit and debit card payments on your own Merchant Shop! You just need a free account.

Please note that payment gateways often charge fees of their own to process payments.

* If you would like us to host your domain for you, please contact us regarding private domain hosting. We can provide SSL  for your private domain name too!


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