Grow Your Brand by Telling Your Story

Grow Your Brand By Telling Your Story

Walk down any super-market isle and you are faced with choosing between dozens of brands for the same items. With so many buying options, consumers have an overwhelming amount of choices to make. Grow Your Brand By Telling Your StorySo how do you grow your brand in a world where your customers have so many choices?

The answer may lie in how consumers make buying decisions. For some items, such as dish detergent, price may be the deciding factor. Or, it may be that you were raised with a certain brand, and it’s that what keeps you going back to the same brand again and again.

More often than not, it’s the story behind a brand that motivates people to choose one brand over the other. The emotional connection to a product or service through the story of what it is and why it exists is a strong influencer in peoples’ decisions.

Here are a few ways you can grow your brand by telling your story:

Make your story match your style

Few things are as annoying as a conservative company trying to force hipster #hashtags into their marketing. The same can be said for a brand new company trying to market themselves as old-hands in their industry. Every type of business has its own culture for you to tap into and whether your business is serious and conservative or fun and quirky, you should tell your story in the same fashion.

Keep the same theme throughout your branding and marketing strategies to bring authenticity and consistency to your story and your brand.

Make that emotional connection

There’s one thing that every effective marketing campaign has in common, and it’s that they make an emotional connection to their customers. Budweiser is famous for it in their Super Bowl advertisements, and you can apply similar techniques to your business.

One way to start is to tell the story of how your business came to be and what interested you to pursue your business. Without getting too personal, you might talk about any difficulties you faced when starting your business – or maybe it was a personal challenge that motivated you to start your business to begin with.

Making a personal connection with your customers will almost always provide more benefit than any other type of marketing strategies.

Your story should be easy to share

People love telling stories to others, so you should make sure your story is interesting and easy for your customers to share. Put your story on your website and promotional flyers and make sure your website has social sharing features for your visitors’ social networks.

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