6 Ways to Market Your Small Business Website

Market Your Small Business Website

Marketing your small business website is important in order for it to be successful, but it can be easy to get stuck doing the same old thing without getting the results you want. If you need to spice up your marketing then we have some great ideas to help you drive customers to your website.

Promotional materials

Market Your Small Business WebsiteBe sure to include your website address on your businesses’ promotional materials, like business cards, flyers, phone book listings and any signage you use to advertise. Restaurants can include the website address on menus and placemats as well.

Your website should be included wherever your customers see your business name.

Place coupons or flyers into checkout bags or with receipts

Coupons are a great way to encourage repeat business, and flyers can remind your customers about an upcoming sale or event at your business. Both are a great way to market your small business website!

Placing coupons or flyers in checkout bags is an easy and inexpensive way to show your customers that you want them to come back. Be sure to include your website address!

Include a Quick Response (QR) code to attract younger customers

It’s not always convenient to type a long website address into your phone, but you can make it easier on your customers by including your own custom QR code on your marketing materials.

Market Your Small Business Website
QR Code for NuggetWeb.com

QR codes are UPC codes on steroids, and most smart-phones can scan a QR code that will take you to a website.

Scanning a QR code is much simpler than searching Google or typing a long website address into a web browser. It’s free and easy to get your own QR code at QRStuff.com.

Add your website address to your e-mail signature

If you’re like most of us, then you probably create your e-mail signature once and then pretty much forget about it for all eternity. Adding your website address to your email signature is a good way to remind people you communicate with regularly about your business.

Recruit help from your employees

The success of your business is important to your employees too. Have them show their support by wearing buttons, or give them shirts with your business name and website address.

Try giving shirts or hats away at company events for your employees to wear when they’re away from work.

Sponsor local organizations and events

Local organizations and events are a great way to help support your community and are also an opportunity to market your small business website to a whole new audience.

Talk to your local clubs and organizations and see if there is a way you can help. Most offer some kind of marketing to encourage support from local businesses.

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