What is a Pingback?


If you have had a WordPress website for very long, you have probably seen references in your dashboard to some things called pingbacks and trackbacks. What is a pingback? To save you some sleepless nights, you can thing of pingbacks and trackbacks as the same thing, barring minor some technical differences.

what-is-a-pingback-300x225When you link to another blog from your WordPress website, WordPress sends a “pingback” to that website to let them know they have been linked to. If the other website has pingbacks enabled on their website, then they will receive a notification letting them know about the link.

The same thing happens when another blog links to your website. If you have pingbacks enabled, you will receive a notification in the Comments menu of your dashboard.

To enable pingbacks in your NuggetWeb Merchant Shop, log into your dashboard and select Settings -> Discussion, and place a check-mark in the box labeled “allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks.)”.

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