How E-Commerce Can Help Small Communities


Small towns and rural communities have made up the backbone of our country, economically and culturally, for nearly two centuries. But small town economies across our country have been eroding away for decades in a seemingly irreversible cycle.

how-e-commerce-can-help-small-communities-435x375-300x258As small towns lose businesses, the residents of small towns are forced to spend money in larger towns and cities. The result is that more businesses in the small towns shut down, funneling even more money out of the communities that make up the heartland of America.

Consumers today expect businesses to have a website, and often turn to the web for information when considering a purchase. By not having a web presence, many consumers will never consider a business’ products or services, robbing you of them of opportunity to market the business as well as potential sales.

It is not too late to reverse the trend, and strengthen our communities once again. E-commerce offers a way for small towns and rural communities to level the playing field by removing geological boundaries, and bringing money from the larger towns and cities back into local economies.

While it may seem like there couldn’t possibly be more money spent online, the reality is that in 2013 only 40% of the world’s population connects to the Internet. Companies like Goldman Sachs are predicting e-commerce 2013 online sales to double in the next five years. Mobile commerce, online purchases by phone and tablet devices, have only just begun to take off, and are expected to reach 2013 e-commerce levels in the next five years.

Putting a business online has never been easier or more affordable than it is today, and our small towns and rural communities have an opportunity to break the economic cycle.

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