Home-Based Business Ideas That Work


Have you ever wanted to work from home, but just didn’t know what you wanted to do? We have some pretty great ideas to get that imagination of yours going… and your cash flow too!

work-from-home-couple-300x199Sometimes you just need an idea to spark your imagination. That’s why we put together this list of great ideas for starting your home-based business:

  • Home-made Jewelry – Learning to make your own jewelry is a good way to save yourself some money, and make some at the same time.
  • Home-made candles – Learn to make candles at home and sell them online, and turn a rewarding hobby into a rewarding business idea.
  • Thrift store/garage sale re-seller – You can find some really great bargains by visiting thrift stores and garage sales, and you can re-sell those items online for some extra cash (or at least the bargains you don’t keep for yourself).
  • Gift baskets – A very rewarding way to start a home-based business, you can use your creativity to make designer gift baskets for holidays and special occasions. Let your customers choose a theme, and you build a gift basked around their idea. Thank-you and get-well baskets always brighten your customers’ day, which will probably make your day as well.
  • Home-made crafts – From potholders to purses and scarves, hand-made crafts are a fun and relaxing way to make money.
  • Woodworking projects – This is another rewarding home-based business, and people pay good money for hand-crafted wood products. While researching this article, I found a hand-made Adirondack chair going for almost $600 online.
  • Stained glass art – Learning to make stained glass art is enjoyable, relaxing and lets you use that creativity of yours. Oh, and it’s also profitable!
  • Gourmet pet food/treats – We love to spoil our pets, and in an ever-growing market, Americans spend a fortune on gourmet pet treats. It’s also a great repeat-business idea. Check out Cesar’s Way for ideas and advice. While we’re at it, some other great pet products you can make at home are pet toys, pet beds and pet stairs.
  • Home-made confections – Do you love to bake? We love to eat! Make your own designer cookies and treats, and sell them across the country. Remember that you may need to charge more for faster shipping options, and make sure to package your goods carefully so your cookies don’t arrive as crumbs.
  • Amazon affiliate re-seller – Did you know that Amazon will pay you to sell their products? It’s called their Amazon Associates program, and you can create our own niche online store using just Amazon products, and get paid when you sell products. You’ll never even have to ship anything.
  • Dog walking service – This is a great way to get healthy while making some extra money and filling a very real need in your community. Just like us, our dogs don’t usually get enough exercise, and there is a growing demand for dog walking services.
  • Hand-made holiday decorations – From New Years, to 4th of July and on to Christmas, Americans love to decorate, and hand-made decorations are great sellers. Make your decorations several months in advance so you have enough on hand to sell.
  • Training lessons – Golf lessons, music or voice lessons, pet training, or you name it! If you have an expertise, why not pass your knowledge on to someone else and make some extra money doing it? It’s rewarding and profitable at the same time! Sell your time in 30 or 60 minute blocks, or by the lesson. You could also record your lessons, and sell them as downloadable lessons.

We know we didn’t think of everything, so tell us your home based business ideas on Facebook or Twitter. Better yet, use your idea and start your own home-based business today!

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