Utilizing E-Commerce for Non-Profits

Utilizing E-Commerce for Non-Profits - NuggetWeb

We all know that e-commerce is a great tool for small businesses to tap into new markets and make it easier for customers to purchase products and services. Non-profit organizations can also benefit from e-commerce and for the same reasons it works for small businesses.

Utilizing E-Commerce for Non-Profits - NuggetWebThere are countless organizations trying to raise funds for communities across the country and around the world, and many of them are limited by the same geographical challenges small business owners face. E-commerce can help expand the reach of organizations and make it easier to raise funds and awareness for their cause.

One example is with our youth; Young people often leave their home towns to go to college, pursue a career or just experience life in an area that’s different from where they grew up. That doesn’t mean they stop caring about home, but it does make it more difficult for them to make contributions to the communities they come from.

E-commerce shrinks the distance and makes it easy for those transplants to show their support for the communities and organizations they care about without having the added expense and inconvenience of traveling to do so.

Retirees are another opportunity for organizations to reach out to for support. Our elder citizens may winter in Florida and Arizona, but still feel the attachment to home that we all have and they often want to be a part of the improvements being made by organizations where they’re from.

By utilizing e-commerce, organizations can knock down barriers that keep people from being able to show their support or make a contribution. No longer do people have to rearrange their family schedules to attend a fundraiser, but they can contribute to the non-profit organizations they care about 24/7 and when it’s most convenient for them.

Here are a few examples of non-profit organizations utilizing e-commerce on their websites:

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